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Tommy Wheelock has been playing, umpiring, or coaching baseball for as long as he can remember. From early days of playing catch in the backyard with his dad or the sandlot with his neighbors, baseball was a huge part of his early life. That love continued through high school and with a lot of hard work and determination, Tommy played college baseball at St. Joseph’s University and Kankakee Community College.

Tommy has never hung up his cleats and his love for the game has only strengthened while playing with and coaching his own children. He believes in teaching and coaching kids in the fundamentals of the game that transcend the level in which they are currently playing. He understands the importance of a strong foundation to propel a player to his/her highest potential. He relates to kids in a way that not only helps them develop a love of the game but also helps foster a love of improving at their sport through positive coaching strategies. With this mindset, he was determined to create a state-of-the-art training facility where players and teams can develop and advance in their game using the latest technology available on the market. Tommy is excited and eager to welcome players and teams into the Smash Zone family.

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